• The GAZE has been granted its patent!

    The construction used for The GAZE has obtained a patent (Patent Number 6251378)

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    Special ZINE about The GAZE now available.

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    To be announced in 2018

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  • Products

    Aviatol Product Lineup

    Rocket-Shaped Floor Lamp: The GAZE

    Flowing lines reminiscent of mid 20thCentury design.

    A rugged yet elegant design consisting of just a frame.

    Applies design concepts such as the golden-ration throughout.

    A floor lamp with no equal.

    (Dimensions at largest point: Height 432mm, Outer Diameter 256mm

    Patent number 6251378/ Design application number 1594069 (in JAPAN)


    *Currently under application for certification of Japanese production.

    A range of variations are being planned, including those aimed at overseas.


    Recently we are preparing to launch a workshop to make a miniature model of The GAZE! Further details coming soon!

    Rocket-Shaped Keyholder

    An acrylic keyholder with a rocket-motif. Finished with colourful designs that children and adults can both enjoy.

    *Sold as single units at special events.

    Doorknob Tag

    Hang on the door knob of any room to transform it into a rocket research lab and make you feel like a scientist!

    ‘Welcome’ on the front, and ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the reverse.

    * Sold at special events.


    【Product Example】Rocket-Motif Trophy

    Since 2017, the Japan Association of Rocketry has awarded this trophy to the overall winning team of the Nationwide Model Rocket Competition.

    This rocket-motif trophy features a beautiful support-arm resembling the soar of a rocket in flight.

    (Height: 282mm)

  • Workshop

    Workshops being held by AVIATOL

    Model Rocketry License Workshop

    On the staff here at AVIATOL we have an expert instructor who has participated in rocketry events globally. If you participate in this workshop, you can learn under their direct tutelage and get your Model Rocketry License all at once.


    This workshop consists of a class on rocket safety and how rockets are constructed in order to fly, as well as actual hands-on experience of building and launching a rocket! By taking part in this workshop you will receive a “Certificate of Rocket Launching”. If you then applying to the Japanese Model Rocket Association, you can obtain your Authorized Grade 4 Rocketry License.


    To launch a rocket you need scientific know-how and an awareness of safety. Launch a rocket and propel yourself into a wider world of study!


    For use our Contact form for information and queries.


    *The workshop includes both a classroom lecture and hands-on learning by launching a rocket. For further details, including where this workshop is to be held, please contact us.

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  • About AVIATOL

    An introduction to our activities at AVIATOL

    The name ‘AVIATOL’ comes from the word ‘AVIATOR’.

    At AVIATOL, we develop educational materials related to space.

    Our goal is to provide learning opportunities that will also touch your heart, going beyond what you can learn in a school setting.


    Apart from educational materials, AVIATOL also produces goods with a rocketry and aeronautical theme.

    We will continue trying to provide everyone with beautiful things to stir their emotions.

    *Photograph: experimental educational rocket

    The future for which AVIATOL aims

    Our greatest goal at AVIATOL is to change the way that people learn.


    We think that the style of learning provided in the modern school classroom leaves something to be desired. Education works best when we seek out knowledge because we have something which we would like to achieve


    Plenty of people dreamed of launching rockets and airplanes when they were children.

    Our current foremost goal is to develop and produce engines which can be mounted in small-scale rockets used in Japan for educational purposes.

    In order to procure the funding necessary for this, we are currently focused on producing artistic objects and developing educational resources.


    A future where studying is fun, because we study for a purpose.

    If we can achieve this, a new world would dawn. AVIATOL strives to make this reality


    * Photograph: World Space Modelling Championship

  • Founder

    Introducing the founder of AVIATOL

    Tsubasa Shinohara

    AVIATOL Founder / Mission Director

    Born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

    After studying Aerospace Engineering at university, went on to work as adesigner for a major automobile manufacturer. Left in 2015 after having the idea of introducing a ‘Model Rocket’propelled by gunpowder, which could be used in education.


    Whilst enrolled at University, won the Japanese Model Rocket Competition, and also participated in global competition. Currently an active member on the board of the Japanese Model Rocket Association. Has taught over 50 students as an instructor in Model Rocketry and works to popularise the teaching of model rocketry.

  • Contact

    For inquiries about products or workshops, please use the following form.